lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

Mixing 3d + traditional / Mezclando 3d + tradicional

These are my firsts 3d printed sculpts, that needed to be resculpted handly (traditionally).

Estas son algunas de mis primeras minis hechas en 3d y terminadas manualmente (tradicionalmente).

_King of Destruction: I used my first 3d sculpt ever (hulk for a big tematic park) and I sent to a 3d printer company to do my firsts 3d print minis ;)  ; Painted by Miniartproductions
_Demoliton 70mm: 3d file scanned of my 200mm figure + 3d print. Finally I sculpted all details traditionally and made 2 mini versions.
_Tauro: Painted by: Lucas Pina.
_Spartan Officer 75mm : Company: Bestsoldiers; Painted by: Andrea Terzolo



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